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Tech Innovations/ Waste to Value

One of MIOX’s newest technologies allows for the conversion of a WASTE stream TO a VALUE stream.

Waste salt or brine streams are by-products of treatment processes in almost every industry. Today, getting rid of these waste streams can be difficult and costly. With increasing regulations on the quality and quantity of discharge, and the push for zero liquid discharge, costs associated with this waste stream are increasing. Most of the sites that have these unwanted salt waste streams also have the need for use of an oxidant for processing or disinfection. These waste streams are often full of impurities such as calcium or magnesium, making prior electrolytic technologies incapable of converting them into a valuable oxidant in a reliable manner.

Insert MIOX’s newest technology, which has the potential to convert even the most contaminated of these salt streams into a usable oxidant. This technology employs a ground breaking self-cleaning electrolytic cell technology which can be tuned to optimize cell life for almost any waste salt stream composition, enabling customers to reduce/eliminate the cost of disposing the salt waste while providing a chemical that they are paying for anyway.


A Pilot is Underway

In conjunction with a partner, MIOX is currently running a pilot to evaluate whether the technology could be deployed to convert RO brine waste into an oxidant used for cooling tower disinfection. If successful, MOIX’s Waste-to-Value Electrolytic Technology will save the customer substantial costs due to waste disposal and chemical delivery while provide an extremely short ROI for the asset purchase. Full results from this pilot are expected soon.

It’s exciting to see your ideas that started on a napkin over a conversation during lunch grow into something that actually receives investment, is implemented in the field, and adds value to the world.

Justin Sanchez
MIOX Chief Technology Officer