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eQUATTM: Patented Dual Action Disinfectants and Biocides

Quaternary ammonium salts are custom blended and electrolyzed to provide synergistic oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocidal capability in a single disinfectant solution.  eQUAT is a powerful disinfection technology, with aqueous chlorine providing a powerful oxidizing biocide and  quaternary ammonium compounds adding antimicrobial activity as well as enhanced solution value, such as a surfactant cleaning properties and corrosion inhibition.  Custom blends are currently at several stages of testing in many situations including upstream and downstream Oil and Gas applications, cooling tower sites and improved surface disinfection at industrial and hospital facilities.

How eQUAT works:

Quick Kill – oxidizing mechanism: Chlorine can damage the cell wall allowing vital nutrient leakage or chlorine can diffuse into the cell and oxidize the cell protoplasm.

Persistence - Non-Oxidizing Mechanism:

Quaternary ammonium compounds penetrate the cell wall and denature essential cell proteins, allowing vital nutrient leakage from the cell. Quaternary ammonium disinfection properties are longer lived than chlorine, providing a residual disinfection mechanism after the chlorine has been exhausted.

Combined Disinfection Mechanisms Yield the Poison DartTM Theory

The disinfection power of eQUAT arises from the synergistic combination of the oxidizing and non-oxidizing properties of electrolyzed biocide, resulting in a Poison Dart where cell wall penetrations leave bacteria more susceptible to attack from oxidizing chlorine.

eQUAT Value:

  • Highly effective microorganism control
  • eQUAT is 300-3000x more effective at microbial inactivation compared to quaternary ammonium compounds or aqueous chlorine alone
  • eQUAT value proposition goes beyond disinfection and is applicable across several market verticals

Oil and Gas

  • Upstream Disinfection: extensive pilot testing of eQUAT technology demonstrated great value for use in hydraulic fracturing
  • Ongoing pilots and investigations in other upstream applications
  • Downstream applications in refineries have the potential to decrease operation costs by thousands of dollars per month

HVAC and Power plant cooling tower

  • Effective biocide and anticorrosion agent in a single solution
  • Biological control agent

It’s exciting to see your ideas that started on a napkin over a conversation during lunch grow into something that actually receives investment, is implemented in the field, and adds value to the world.

Justin Sanchez
MIOX Chief Technology Officer