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Tech Innovations

MIOX creates custom electrolytic cell solutions for
complex water

We’ve made significant progress in electrolytic cell technology by reducing costs and footprint, incorporating mobility and scalability into our design, and expanding the product line of chemistries produced by the MIOX cell.

MIOX is in the initial phases of several new and additional extensions of our current chemistry product line. We’ve learned a lot about how far we can stretch electrolytic cell technology from the perspective of how the cell is calibrated and what you feed it. We're transforming tremendously difficult water without negatively impacting the ROI or the system. Put the power of our experienced technology team to work on your complex water challenges today

It’s exciting to see your ideas that started on a napkin over a conversation during lunch grow into something that actually receives investment, is implemented in the field, and adds value to the world.

Justin Sanchez
MIOX Chief Technology Officer