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Commercial & Institutional Water Disinfection/ Aquatics

90% reduction
in pool closure time

MIOX’s patented Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemistry for swimming pool water disinfection improves safety, increases performance, reduces maintenance time, and lowers operating costs. With minimal maintenance, our easy-to-use MOS system not only improves pool water safety, it eliminates the harsh qualities of traditional chlorine treatment to create a noticeably improved swimming experience. MIOX systems improve safety for pool operators and employees by eliminating the need to transport, store and handle hazardous chlorine.

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Technology Overview

The steady removal of organic nitrogen and rapid completion of chlorine breakpoint reaction from using Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry provides numerous benefits to bathers and pool operators. MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution inactivates all classes of organisms faster than hypochlorite at the same dose and contact time.

Mixed Oxidant Solution

Less than 15 minute pool closure for shock chlorination *Assumes 100k gallon pool time to reach 4 mg/L FAC in 2.5 minutes with a hold time of 12.5 minutes. For comparable in-line chlorinator = 3 hours for shock chlorination

Improved water quality with no chlorine taste or smell. Better clarity and softer on skin.

Superior microorganism deactivation reduces risk of recreational water illnesses – Cryptosporidium parvum Oocytes, Gardia

How it Works

A MIOX On-Site Generator is NOT an in-line chlorinator. Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry is stored in a day tank and solution is injected into the pool as needed to meet chlorine demand. The reserve disinfectant storage provides operators the ability to meet peak disinfection demands for shock chlorination and circumstances for increased swimming demand (i.e. swim meets). Plus, salt is never added to the pool, so there is no risk of corrosion to metal fixtures.

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On Site Chemistry Generators

Rio 60-300 lbs/day
(27.2-136.1 kg/day)
Vault >15-60 lbs/day
(6.8-27.2 kg/day)
AE 4-8 lbs/day (1.8-3.6 kg/day)
Rio Zuni >1.0 lb/day
(0.45 kg/day)

A Case Study

After years of problematic and sometimes outdated techniques, Hyatt Regency Tamaya began searching for an effective and cost-efficient way to treat the facility’s water in a manner that was also safe for the environment; another important priority for the Hyatt Hotels Corp.

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66% reduction in odor