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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a broad O&G Industry term, but almost always involves some kind of water treatment processes. Whether you are trying to increase injectivity, kill bacteria, break emulsions or destroy polymers, MIOX has equipment to help. MIOX’s exclusive Mixed Oxidant technology turns your EOR site into an on-demand chemistry factory - eliminating middle men and lowering costs.

Safest biocide
alternative in
Oil & Gas industry

Technology Overview

During EOR operations, oil & gas companies want to avoid dangerous chemicals being injected downhole, remove iron, treat out Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and ammonia and they want to eliminate bacteria which can later cause Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) issues, corrosion, poor well performance, and other problems. MIOX’s Mixed Oxidant helps with all of these issues.

Mixed Oxidant Solution
Sodium Hypochlorite

When dosed correctly, Mixed Oxidant virtually eliminates most if not all bacteria from the water utilizing drinking water safe chemistry.

How it Works

MIOX has equipment designed for high rate and high volume Oil & Gas applications. Our Blackwater unit can treat tens of thousands of barrels per day. If higher capacities are required, then MIOX can design a permanent installation. No project is too large for MIOX.

Compared to other Oxidizing technologies such as Chlorine Dioxide or Ozone, MIOX is a much safer solution, and results in considerably lower associated man-power costs.

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On Site Chemistry Generators

Mixed Oxidant Solution
RIO-S 300-1200lbs/day
(135-454 kg/day)
RIO 60-300 lbs/day
(27.2-136.1 kg/day)
Vault 15-60 lbs/day
(6.8-27.2 kg/day)
AE 4-8 lbs/day
(1.8-3.6 kg/day)
Rio Zuni >1.0 lb/day
(0.45 kg/day)
Sodium Hypochlorite
RIO-S 500-2000 lbs/day
(227-726 kg/day)
RIO 100-500 lbs/day
(45-227 kg/day)
Vault 25-100 lbs/day
(11.3-45.4 kg/day)

Technical Documents

Blackwater Treatment Capacities

On-Site Chemistry Generation Eliminates Chemical Middle Men