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Industrial Water Treatment/ Membrane Cleaning

Extend life of your membranes

One of the greatest challenges in membrane system operation is control of organic and biological fouling of the membrane elements. A variety of continuous dosing strategies and/or chemical cleaning regimes are used, with varying degrees of success, to keep it under control. MIOX Mixed Oxidant Technologies effectively remove and control biofouling when used as a pretreatment chemical, as part of the membrane cleaning regime, or both. By controlling organic and biofouling, operators achieve longer run times between chemical clean-in-place, and longer membrane life, saving you time, money and increasing effective plant capacity.


pays for system
in less than 1 year

Technology Overview

MIOX systems use a proprietary electrolytic process, electrolyzing a brine solution (either based on salt or delivered brine) and producing primarily two different chemistries:

sodium hypochlorite
Mixed Oxidant Solution

The Mixed Oxidant Solution is proven to be more effective compared to straight sodium hypochlorite especially in controlling biofilm due to the trace amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide residing in the solution.

How it Works

UF Applications:
For UF Applications, MOS can be dosed continuously through the membrane system, or as a replacement for bleach used in traditional organic removal cleaning (CIP).

RO Applications:
MOS solution is dosed prior to the RO pretreatment equipment to keep the piping and process equipment clean. Dechlorination is used just prior to the RO to prevent oxidation of the membranes.

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On Site Chemistry Generators

Rio 60-300 lbs/day
(27.2-136.1 kg/day)
Vault >15-60 lbs/day
(6.8-27.2 kg/day)
AE 4-8 lbs/day (1.8-3.6 kg/day)
Rio Zuni >1.0 lb/day
(0.45 kg/day)

Reduce trans-membrane pressure by preventing biofouling