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Better Water Quality = Improved Animal Health & Weight Gain

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) significantly decreases bacteria including coliform, E.coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other bacterias that affect chicken health. By cleaning water lines and cooling pads and preventing cross-contamination, poultry farms using MOS have decreased or completely eliminated antibiotics consumption.



  • Drinking Water Disinfection & Sanitation
  • Cooling Pad Water Treatment
  • Water Line & Nipple Line Cleaning
  • Biofilm Removal
  • Poultry House & Equipment Disinfection
  • Footbath & Surface Sanitation


Technology Overview

MIOX systems use a proprietary electrolytic process, electrolyzing a brine solution (either based on salt or delivered brine) and producing primarily two different chemistries:

Sodium Hypochlorite
Mixed Oxidant Solution

The Mixed Oxidant Solution is proven to be more effective compared to straight sodium hypochlorite especially in controlling biofilm due to the trace amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide resides in the solution along with hypochlorite up to 24 to 48 hours at high pHs.

How it Works

Disinfectant chemical is generated on-site as needed when needed and placed into a storage tank. And is blended in treatment solution or water treatment. Farm operators can blend oxidant using a dosatron or other chemical blending methods.

On Site Chemistry Generators

Mixed Oxidant Solution
RIO-S 300-1200lbs/day
(135-454 kg/day)
RIO 60-300 lbs/day
(27.2-136.1 kg/day)
Vault 15-60 lbs/day
(6.8-27.2 kg/day)
AE 4-8 lbs/day
(1.8-3.6 kg/day)
Rio Zuni >1.0 lb/day
(0.45 kg/day)
Sodium Hypochlorite
RIO-S 500-2000 lbs/day
(227-726 kg/day)
RIO 100-500 lbs/day
(45-227 kg/day)
Vault 25-100 lbs/day
(11.3-45.4 kg/day)

A Case Study

Hen Drinking Water Disinfection Egg farm eliminates antibiotics and decrease mortality rates by 62% after switching to MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution for disinfection of hen drinking water and coop cooling pads.

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