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Green Technology

Sustainable Practices

MIOX Corporation is the worldwide leading innovator in developing sustainable and environmentally-neutral methods for generating oxidizing chemistries. Utilizing an electrolyte made from salt, custom salt or waste brine stream, and adding electricity, MIOX on-site chemical generators create an advanced disinfectant at the point of use. Advanced disinfectant is created in the amount needed and when it is needed.

Due to the process of on-site chemical generation, the concentration of chemical is below hazardous chemical limits, providing a safe work place.

  • Reducing wasteful energy consumption
  • Eliminate non-reusable chemical containers
  • Reduce transportation and carbon footprint by 80%
  • Reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption
  • Eliminate Storage and disposal of hazardous chemical containers
  • No Hazmat and reporting required due its low concentration
  • No hazardous precursors or byproducts