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Corporate Responsibility

Doing well
by doing good

Our dedication to humanitarian and disaster relief efforts around the world is driven by our quest to increase access to clean drinking water for the people who need it most. MIOX is actively seeking partners who will bring expertise working with nations that have minimal access to safe water.  Please contact us at to start the conversation about bringing clean drinking water to those in need.

Around the world, MIOX products are providing reliable access to safe drinking water. By providing advanced disinfection technology, government agencies, NGOs and relief organizations have used MIOX systems to provide water purification in disaster relief efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Thailand, floods in the Mexican state of Tabasco and after devastating earthquakes in Haiti. MIOX systems have proven effective in Haiti, Honduras, Africa and other remote settings where access to clean drinking water is crucial but unavailable.

  • Purify drinking water with non-hazardous chemicals
  • 99.9% Cryptosporidium inactivation
  • Low cost with significant energy savings
  • No project too small or too big